Either if you are planning to start a blog, autoblog or planning to promote your business online, keyword research is very essential in determining aspects regarding your niche and the target audience. Keyword research lets you know more about your industry, the competition and the patterns of change in the customers or the web searches for your particular keywords. Unless you are equipped with the right set of keyword, it is not a good idea to start a blog or seo promotion for your business service online for that we never know what terms are most searched in which part of the world. Through seo automation tools and keyword research tools, it is now possible to even geo target the keywords based on the volume of searches and competition in that particular location of any country.

Here are few top keyword research tools available for free in internet.

Google SKtool: This is unarguably the most powerful and popular keyword research tool available for the publishers. With the help of this tool, keywords can be shortlisted, analysed and then seo targeted to make sure that for these particular set of the keywords, the target site ranks in the first page of Google. Though, there is no guarantee that the seo techniques work1 00%, the process and the senuke strategies followed are bound to bring in successful results with right amount of research and seo automation implementation being done.

WordTracker: Wordtracker is another quick and simple tool for instant keyword research. Though this lacks as many features as that of the Google’s tool, wordtracker is considered as effieicent as it is not limited to just google search engine automation data but takes the overall internet users search patterns into account.

The other good but not so famous keyword analysis tools are:
SEOBook keyword tool
FreePPCSpy and

All of these tools strive to achieve the single aim, gathering the best set of keywords, phrases that suit you. Remember that, ultimately it is you who have to take the decision of choosing the keywords and targeting them with the help of seo automation tools.